Sassy's Story


Gender: Female
Age: 6 years (est. DOB 1/1/2008)
Breed: Maine Coon Mix
Color: Gray and white
Hometown: Milpitas, CA
Clan: Nancy, Natalie, Natasha, Nathan, Nina, Noelle
Status: Not ready for adoption

I was born to a feral mom in Fremont, CA and lived in the yard of a family who took care me and a whole lot of other cats. Unfortunately, the other cats kept picking on me. One even hit me with a hefty paw and hurt my left eye. I got pregnant and the kind family let me come into their house where it was safe for me to give birth. After a few weeks I was taken to a foster home. My babies have all been adopted, but I'm still looking for my forever home.

I have a hair-trigger purr which kicks in the moment you walk into the room if I know you. If I've never met you before I might hiss a time or two until you start petting me and then off goes the purr machine again! I especially like to come and snuggle by your side to keep you company.

Please note: