Sassy's Story


Gender: Female
Age: 9 years (est. DOB 1/1/2008)
Breed: Maine Coon Mix
Color: Gray and white
Hometown: Milpitas, CA
Clan: Nancy, Natalie, Natasha, Nathan, Nina, Noelle
Status: Not ready for adoption

As much as I like my comfy foster home and foster dad, I've been here quite a while and would really rather have someone of my very own to love and to love me back! I admit I don't much like adoption fairs so you might think I'm stand-offish when I'm really just a bit uncomfortable away from home, but that's not the real me.

I have a hair-trigger purr which kicks in the moment you walk into the room if I know you. I especially like to come and snuggle by your side to keep you company...unless there's food available.

I even have a brand new coat to show off; I got a "lion cut" a while ago to keep me cool and beautiful and now my fur is growing back beautifully.

Please note: