Trooper's Story

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Gender: Male
Age: 5 years (est. DOB 4/1/2012)
Breed: Tabby
Color: Brown
Hometown: Mountain View, CA
Clan: Tawny, Travis

Hi! My name is Trooper! I am a great BIG (and I mean BIG) tabby with soft brown fur, beautiful green eyes, and a love for climbing into people’s laps.

My siblings and I were born in a wood pile, and I was adopted as a kitten.  I came back to the Fat Cat people about five years later, so I'm looking for another home and a new someone to love me.  Even though I did not expect to find myself in need of another forever home, I have adjusted amazingly well to my new foster home.

I love to be around people and get along great with other cats. I am very good friends with a foster kitten named Hank (he is up for adoption too!). I love play-wrestling and grooming him and when we take naps together in the cat bed, I hold him close in a comforting snuggle. My foster mom says that our interactions together bring out the kitten in me and really shows what a loving heart I have.

My area of expertise is finding spontaneous moments to climb into my foster mom’s lap for extra attention and love. I am a very active and curious cat, which can sometimes get me into trouble because if I find socks or clothes left on the floor, I may be tempted to chew on them when I get bored. I am learning this is not an acceptable thing to do.  I am a very affectionate boy with lots of love to give. All I need is a special person to devote my heart to – with bonus snuggles.

Won’t you take me home?

Please note:

me and my brother Travis
me and my brother Travis
Soaking up the sun
Soaking up the sun
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