April's Story


Gender: Female
Age: 11 months (est. DOB 4/2/2012)
Breed: Tabby
Color: Grey
Hometown: Santa Clara, CA
Clan: Adele, Aiden, Ariella
Status: Adopted!

Hi!  My name is April. Me and my siblings were brought to the shelter when we were tiny babies, and we were all given names that started with the letter A. The Fat Cat people saw us and thought we were adorable, and took us in hopes of finding us our forever homes. I

I'm petite, but I have a big personality.  I'm very friendly, and outgoing, and really like people. I'll purr if you pet me, and I like to have my belly rubbed if you are careful. I'm very serious about playing.  I mostly play with my brother.  We chase each other around the foster home, and run up and down the cat tree.  Well actually I run up the cat tree. I haven't figured out how to get down yet, so I mew until someone comes and lifts me down.  I also like to chase a feather.  Actually I prefer the end of the feather stick, and will chase it wherever it goes, in circles if necessary; whatever it takes! I also like to explore all the corners of a room and and underneath the furniture -- you never know what you might find!   My current relationship status is available, and I would love to find a kind and caring person to share my life with.

The shelter had this to say about me:

Hello!  My name is April, and I am a playful kitten that is as cute as can be.  I like to sit on your lap for a nice visit while purring the whole time.  I enjoy the company of people of all ages.  What do I do during the day?  Well, I play with my siblings or a stuffed toy, chase a little ball, or climb on the cat tree; this fills my day until you come to play with me!  My foster mom says I have a good appetite and I use my litter box and scratching post!  I would enjoy being a part of your family!

Pick me!

You talkin to me?
You talkin to me?
All tuckered out
All tuckered out
Let's go check it out
Let's go check it out