Mercedes's Story

Special delivery

Special delivery


Gender: Female
Age: 5 years (est. DOB 6/26/2012)
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Color: Black
Hometown: Santa Clara, CA
Clan: Maddox, Malcolm, Milo, Morgan
Video: I love my carrot! Oh, wait, it's got catnip!
Status: Adoption pending

Meow!  My name is Mercedes and I'm a talkative, energetic girl. I will greet you at the door
when you come home, and talk to you until you play with me!

My favorite hobby is exploring, especially the insides of cardboard boxes and anything crinkly or rustling. My favorite toy is a little pom-pom which I pick up in my mouth, carry around the room, and bat around with my paws.

I'm a smart kitty too. My foster mom is clicker-training me and teaching me new tricks! I can
come, sit, jump up on command, and I'm even learning to speak on cue. After we finish playing, I would love to sit on your lap and watch a movie with you.

Did you know black cats are the last to be adopted, and first to be euthanized at shelters? But did you know that black cats are considered good luck in Britain?  The Fat Cat Rescue people think black cats are really wonderful, and that God gave them great personalities so that people would love them.

Won't you please take me home?

My original post about me said:

Hi there!  My name is Mercedes.  I'm a gentle and loving kitten that is as cute as can be.  I will run and greet you and purr when you pick me up. I enjoy playing with my siblings and climbing high up on the cat tree.  I would love to be part of your family.

Please note:

Don't you love the bling?
Don't you love the bling?
Me at the shelter
Me at the shelter
Me with Addie
Me with Addie