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Hello, my name is Abe. The shelter thought that my brother Avi and I were feral, but when the Fat Cat Rescue people started to pet us, we began to purr. I am a gorgeous little kitty, with extra soft brown fur with subtle stripes all along my body. The stripes on my legs look just like tiger stripes. My dark greyish-brown tail is long and luxurious – it's one of my extra special features. Sometimes I sleep with my face resting on the bed and front paws completely stretched out in front of me like I haven't slept in a week.

I am shy and even though I may be a bit nervous around you, when you pet me, I turn into a purr machine. Once in a while, I'll meow softly to let you know how I'm feeling about life in general, but otherwise, I'm a pretty quiet boy. It's a big old world out there.

Can I have a forever home with you?

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Hi, my name is Avi! The shelter thought that my brother Abe and I were feral, but when the Fat Cat Rescue people started to pet us, we began to purr. I am the sweetest, bravest kitten with a heart for adventure (and cuddles). I have silver grey fur with soft grey stripes all along my body and my legs, just like a beautiful watercolor painting. My eyes are greenish yellow and my tail is long and fluffy.

I am a quiet kitten, and once I get to know you, I won't mind sitting in your lap as you pet me. Sometimes, you won't even have to ask – I will sit next to you and keep you company. I am a friendly little soul. I even made friends with one of the grown-up cats at my foster home. He taught me his special way of drinking water, which is to dip my paw into the bowl and lick the water off my paw. My foster mom thinks this is really cute.

Will you take me home with you?

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Clover: Aren't I gorgeous?


I lost my person.  I was adopted many years ago by a wonderful senior citizen.  She adored me and I adored her.  She fed me and brushed me and talked to me (I'm a BIG talker), and I'd curl up next to her on the couch to watch TV.  But then she died: I knew she was ill, and spent all my time curled up next to her, on her bed.  I was curled up next to her on her bed when her family found her.  I wouldn't leave her side.

I am a rare Nebelung cat.   I am true to my breed with long silvery blue fur, wide green eyes, a soft voice and a gentle, quiet disposition.  Although I am an older cat, I have no health problems.

I like napping, playing with little stuffed mice, napping, watching Animal Planet on television and napping.   My favorite part of the day was when my person came home.   My most favorite place in the whole world is on a warm lap.  If you talk to me I will always answer you.  I am very polite that way.  Please be forewarned that I am very talkative -- I have alot to share.

My past, which I don't really like to discuss, was rough: I was raised by a hoarder, and had 20 or so kittens (awful that I can't remember my own children!) by the time I was 2 years old. Eventually the hoarder could no longer care for all of us, and all my kittens were adopted, but no one wanted me, so the folks at Fat Cat took me in.

When I first arrived I felt I had to compete for food and attention, for that's how my life had been. But the Fat Cat people loved me and reassured me, and I became very loving and sweet. I'm now in a foster home, and look forward to my forever home.

Pick me!

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My siblings and I were found abandoned at a low-income housing complex in Hayward. A nice lady saw us and tried to keep us, but she had to move, and so contacted the Fat Cat people.

I'm real friendly and kinda goofy: instead of running up to you, I sidle along a wall, and then slide down the wall onto the floor -- purring the entire time.  My foster mom thinks it's silly, but it's my signature welcome!

And I am a toilet paper artiste! In my first foster home, I took a shine to the toilet paper holder, and when my foster dad was out of the house, I'd unroll the toilet paper all over the bathroom.  It was lots of fun!

Both Harvey and I are real sweet, but kinda shy, so we'll do best in quiet homes.

Pick me!

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Jack William

Jack William

I'm gonna be a little boy.  I've got short little legs, and am kinda stocky.  I love people, and purr the moment my foster mom picks me up -- she calls me a "mama's boy".  I don't know what that means, but if it has anything to do with being snuggled and held, then I guess I am one!

I like to eat too.  I'm a very happy kitten.  I'm very gentle and play quietly; when the other boy kittens start to play rough, I retreat to a corner and observe the wrestling.  I'm no trouble at all, and would do best in a quiet home, where someone can baby me.  I get along just fine with other big cats too.

Picke me!

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I'm a Siamese, and I'm special.  You must remember that. I'm a quiet, gentle, sweet little girl.  I like other cats, but I prefer to play quietly -- I'm not the rambunctious type!  I need my beauty sleep too, and like to cuddle up with my humans or another kitten.  I'm an independent little girl, but when I need some TLC I'll come up and lean against your arm, or play with something nearby, so you'll notice me!

I was rescued from a local shelter, where they had this to say about me:

Sasha here -- a true sweetheart.  I like to greet my family at the door and cuddling is how I say hello!  I'm not only a sweetie, but I like to play with any toy that comes my way.  Will you take me home?

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As much as I like my comfy foster home and foster dad, I've been here quite a while and would really rather have someone of my very own to love and to love me back! I admit I don't much like adoption fairs so you might think I'm stand-offish when I'm really just a bit uncomfortable away from home, but that's not the real me.

I have a hair-trigger purr which kicks in the moment you walk into the room if I know you. I especially like to come and snuggle by your side to keep you company...unless there's food available.

I even have a brand new coat to show off; I got a "lion cut" a while ago to keep me cool and beautiful and now my fur is growing back beautifully.

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Willie aka Snaggletooth

Willie aka Snaggletooth

I've got a real sob story: I was adopted by a family and lived with them for 4 years.  Then they moved away, and dumped me outside at their apartment complex to fend for myself.  I wandered around the complex for the next couple years, and nice people fed me and sometimes let me sleep inside.  But I really didn't have a home of my own.  When the Fat Cat people met me, they thought I was real sweet, and took pity on me and took me in.  They cleaned me up and got me healthy -- I'd lost alot of my teeth from malnutrition, but have one tooth left -- my snaggletooth!

So now I'm looking for place to call home. FOREVER.  They tell me I'm a dear boy and don't have any bad habits.  I'm a talker, and love to snuggle up with humans.  I'm happiest when I'm curled up with my family.

Won't you pick me?

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