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It wasn't my fault!  I was adopted by a family when I was a kitten. I've always been an indoor cat, but somehow someone brought fleas into the house, and my human mom got flea bites on her legs, and I got blamed, and sent back to Fat Cat Rescue, even though the rest of my human family wanted to keep me.  So now I'm looking for another home, and someone to love me.  And I don't have any fleas.  Honest!

I've been a bit traumatized by having to leave my home and people, and so need a quiet foster home and people to understand what I've been through and be patient with me.

This is my original posting:

Me and my siblings were brought to the shelter when we were tiny babies, and we were all given names that started with the letter A. The Fat Cat people saw us and thought we were adorable, and took us in hopes of finding us our forever homes.

I don't like to brag, but I'm the good looking one.    I have a beautiful gray mask that covers my white face, and a little gray spot on my pink nose that just won't rub off.  I'm very gentle and somewhat cautious at first, but once I'm comfortable, I become very outgoing. I let my sister try things first, and then dive in right after her when it looks like fun. I love to chase my sister around the house, and I like all kinds of toys. I'm very friendly, and will sit in your lap and purr if you give me the chance.  When I'm sleepy, I lay on my side and stretch out twice my normal length so you can pet me. I'm a pretty laid back little guy and would make a great companion.

Pick me!

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My name is Bruce, after Bruce Springsteen.  My sisters and me were born outdoors.  Our mom had been abandoned at an apartment complex, and gave birth to us near a laundry room.  The Fat Cat people realized we were in danger and found a wonderful foster home to care for us.  We were tiny babies, and our fosterer had to bottle feed us and clean us and care for us round the clock for weeks.  We were blessed to have found loving humans to care for us.  Thanks to all the love we've received, we've grown into awesome kittens!

I'm the playful one of the group.  I love to play with just about any toy, and also like to wrestle with my sisters.  After a good play session, I like to cuddle up on a nice soft blanket on my foster mom's lap.  Oh -- I'm also the foodie of the group: I have a BIG appetite, and like to put both of my big feet in the food plate to make sure that it doesn't go anywhere.  I'll  probably grow to be a big boy.  I love my sisters very much, and hope I can find a forever home with one or both of them.

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Clover: Aren't I gorgeous?


I lost my person.  I was adopted many years ago by a wonderful senior citizen.  She adored me and I adored her.  She fed me and brushed me and talked to me (I'm a BIG talker), and I'd curl up next to her on the couch to watch TV.  But then she died: I knew she was ill, and spent all my time curled up next to her, on her bed.  I was curled up next to her on her bed when her family found her.  I wouldn't leave her side.

I am a rare Nebelung cat.   I am true to my breed with long silvery blue fur, wide green eyes, a soft voice and a gentle, quiet disposition.  Although I am an older cat, I have no health problems.

I like napping, playing with little stuffed mice, napping, watching Animal Planet on television and napping.   My favorite part of the day was when my person came home.   My most favorite place in the whole world is on a warm lap.  If you talk to me I will always answer you.  I am very polite that way.  Please be forewarned that I am very talkative -- I have alot to share.

My past, which I don't really like to discuss, was rough: I was raised by a hoarder, and had 20 or so kittens (awful that I can't remember my own children!) by the time I was 2 years old. Eventually the hoarder could no longer care for all of us, and all my kittens were adopted, but no one wanted me, so the folks at Fat Cat took me in.

When I first arrived I felt I had to compete for food and attention, for that's how my life had been. But the Fat Cat people loved me and reassured me, and I became very loving and sweet. I'm now in a foster home, and look forward to my forever home.

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Daisy: Me shortly after we were trapped


Me and my brother were rescued from a shipping container at a business in Santa Clara.  Our mom figured -- quite rightly -- that was a warm, safe place for us.  The shipping container was used for storing bar stools, and the Fat Cat people had quite a time removing all those stools one-by-one in order to nab us and our mom!

I'm a sweet little girl.  I'm a little shy (my brother has a tendency to steal the spotlight) so sometimes it's easy to overlook me.  My brother Dewey was adopted, so I'm all alone, and I'm still adjusting.  I like people, and I like to come visit my foster mom on the couch when she's watching those PBS murder mystery shows on TV.  Once I'm on her lap I like to knead and make biscuits and purr. I also like to come and sit on my mom's lap when she's on her computer -- that's real nice because I get alot of attention and kisses. I really love to play with my stash of cat toys.

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My name is Grace, after Grace Slick.  My brother and sister and me were born outdoors.  Our mom had been abandoned at an apartment complex, and gave birth to us near a laundry room.  The Fat Cat people realized we were in danger and found a wonderful foster home to care for us.  We were tiny babies, and our fosterer had to bottle feed us and clean us and care for us round the clock for weeks.  We were blessed to have found loving humans to care for us.  Thanks to all the love we've received, we've grown into awesome kittens!

I'm the cuddler of the group (there's always one!) and love nothing better than hanging out with my humans and cuddling with them.  I also have a strong preference for playing with feather toys, and sleeping on soft, fleece blankets. And did I mention I'm a talker?  I've got lots to say!

Pick me!

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My siblings and I were found abandoned at a low-income housing complex in Hayward. A nice lady saw us and tried to keep us, but she had to move, and so contacted the Fat Cat people.

I'm real friendly and kinda goofy: instead of running up to you, I sidle along a wall, and then slide down the wall onto the floor -- purring the entire time.  My foster mom thinks it's silly, but it's my signature welcome!

And I am a toilet paper artiste! In my first foster home, I took a shine to the toilet paper holder, and when my foster dad was out of the house, I'd unroll the toilet paper all over the bathroom.  It was lots of fun!

Both Harvey and I are real sweet, but kinda shy, so we'll do best in quiet homes.

Pick me!

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As much as I like my comfy foster home and foster dad, I've been here quite a while and would really rather have someone of my very own to love and to love me back! I admit I don't much like adoption fairs so you might think I'm stand-offish when I'm really just a bit uncomfortable away from home, but that's not the real me.

I have a hair-trigger purr which kicks in the moment you walk into the room if I know you. I especially like to come and snuggle by your side to keep you company...unless there's food available.

I even have a brand new coat to show off; I got a "lion cut" a while ago to keep me cool and beautiful and now my fur is growing back beautifully.

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My siblings and me were picked up as babies from a large apartment complex in Sunnyvale.  Our mom had given birth to several litters over the years at the complex, and had developed quite a reputation among the residents.  The Fat Cat people offered to help get the cats fixed and find the kittens homes, and that is how we came to be Fat Cats, er Kittens.

Did you know that one litter of kittens can have multiple fathers?  It's true, and helps explain why all four of us look completely different (and confirms that our mom was a party girl).

I'm the runt of the litter. I'm the smallest and the most delicate.  All of my siblings have been adopted except ME!  I find that quite astonishing, since I'm the most beautiful, and have the most amazing whiskers you've ever seen.  I love to play chase with Daisy, who is my new best friend, since all her siblings were adopted and she's all alone now too.  I'm always the first to investigate a new cat toy. 

Pick me!

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Willie aka Snaggletooth

Willie aka Snaggletooth

I've got a real sob story: I was adopted by a family and lived with them for 4 years.  Then they moved away, and dumped me outside at their apartment complex to fend for myself.  I wandered around the complex for the next couple years, and nice people fed me and sometimes let me sleep inside.  But I really didn't have a home of my own.  When the Fat Cat people met me, they thought I was real sweet, and took pity on me and took me in.  They cleaned me up and got me healthy -- I'd lost alot of my teeth from malnutrition, but have one tooth left -- my snaggletooth!

So now I'm looking for place to call home. FOREVER.  They tell me I'm a dear boy and don't have any bad habits.  I'm a talker, and love to snuggle up with humans.  I'm happiest when I'm curled up with my family.

Won't you pick me?

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Yo Yo: I need a hug

Yo Yo

I was adopted as a kitten and came back to the Fat Cat people because my owner couldn't care for me.  She was ill, and I was neglected and spent alot of time alone and on my own, and when the Fat Cat people got me back I was insecure and in need of some serious TLC -- I couldn't believe my luck when someone started to pet me and hold me!  I'm better now, but am still in need of a foster home where I can get *lots* of love and hugs and pets. My foster dad says I'm a real sweet boy.

This is my original posting:

Hi!  We were scheduled to be put to sleep and the Fat Cat people saw us and took us and now we're looking for a new home and maybe that could be you?

We came into the shelter as tiny kittens and were bottle fed by our foster mom, so we're really nice and friendly.

I'm the middle child.  You know how sometimes the middle child can be ignored because his other siblings -- the first born and the baby -- stand out? Well that's how I feel.  I'm not a super-duper playful type like my sister Madelyn.  And my brother Yahtzee, well he's got this thing about straws; I'm not too sure about him.  But me, well I'm sweet and easygoing and like people and am just an all-around good kitten and would work real hard to make my people happy at my forever home.  I do like to play, but I admit I'm not exactly the brightest bulb so I can't figure out alot of toys, but I try hard.

Pick me!

The shelter staff had this to say about me:

Hello there, my name is Yo Yo!  I'm a gentle, sweet little boy who likes to balance my time between romping around and watching TV quietly with my people.  I'm a quietly curious kitty, and I like to explore my surroundings and see what's out there.  I can't wait to find a forever home where I can explore to my heart's content.  I'm so happy to meet new people -- you should come to the shelter to see me and make a new friend!

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