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Hi!  My name is Hank, and me and siblings were brought to a local shelter.  We were tiny and malnourished, but the Fat Cat people saw us and took us in and got us healthy. All my siblings have been adopted, and I'm in a wonderful foster home.

I am a very handsome and fluffy orange boy with a very sweet personality. I am very curious and like to follow my foster mom around and watch her quietly. Every night, I follow her upstairs when it’s time to go to bed. She says I am an A+ companion.

I get along really well with both people and cats, but my favorite playmate is Trooper (he is looking for a forever home too!). When I need grooming, I just jump in the cat bed with him and he cleans my face and my ears. We play-wrestle together and chase each other – it’s so fun and great exercise for both of us.

I have a giant purr and don’t mind getting picked up for snuggles. I am also fearless – even the vacuum cleaner doesn’t bother me!

Come meet me and take me home!

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Hi! My name is Trooper! I am a great BIG (and I mean BIG) tabby with soft brown fur, beautiful green eyes, and a love for climbing into people’s laps.

My siblings and I were born in a wood pile, and I was adopted as a kitten.  I came back to the Fat Cat people about five years later, so I'm looking for another home and a new someone to love me.  Even though I did not expect to find myself in need of another forever home, I have adjusted amazingly well to my new foster home.

I love to be around people and get along great with other cats. I am very good friends with a foster kitten named Hank (he is up for adoption too!). I love play-wrestling and grooming him and when we take naps together in the cat bed, I hold him close in a comforting snuggle. My foster mom says that our interactions together bring out the kitten in me and really shows what a loving heart I have.

My area of expertise is finding spontaneous moments to climb into my foster mom’s lap for extra attention and love. I am a very active and curious cat, which can sometimes get me into trouble because if I find socks or clothes left on the floor, I may be tempted to chew on them when I get bored. I am learning this is not an acceptable thing to do.  I am a very affectionate boy with lots of love to give. All I need is a special person to devote my heart to – with bonus snuggles.

Won’t you take me home?

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