Franny - Adopted!
Looking for your next best friend? We've got lots of friendly, healthy, lovable fuzzballs in all colors, shapes and sizes -- come take a peek at our Fat CATalog! Not sure what you're looking for? We can help!
Pumpkin - Adopted!
Lost your cat, found an abandoned kitten, discovered a clowder of cats in your backyard, new to the area and need a good veterinarian, or need to get your cat fixed? We've got the answers!
Donovan - Adopted!
Want to help us help abandoned cats? Great! Check out how YOU can make a difference in the life of a homeless cat or kitten.

Want to help the cats affected by the Sonoma and Napa fires? Individual rescuers and rescue groups banded together as Sonoma and Napa Fires Pet Rescue and Reunification, and took on the job of searching, feeding, providing shelter, trapping and reuniting cats lost in the fires.  Please contribute to their cause. A non-profit, Wine Country Animal Lovers, is taking donations and buying supplies for the group; you can specify that your donation goes to the rescue effort by ending your donation in a penny (e.g.,  $100.01).  Read more on the rescue group's ABOUT page on their Facebook site, and read about the rescue effort in a recent New York Times article by Thomas Fuller,

Our next adoption fairs will be held in February, so stay tuned!

We are a private cat rescue group based in Mountain View, California.
Our cats are shown exclusively at PETCO.